Wood Stove Kitchen

Wood Stove Kitchen Old Fashioned Syrup, 16 fl oz


This carefully balanced mixer combines orange, burnt sugars, and a bitters spice recipe. The result is a dark, ponderous syrup. Just mix with NA or not bourbon or your favorite whiskey for a delicious old fashioned. Or add a couple of cherries for a broodingly sweet manhattan. That said we love this mixer in iced tea, seltzer, or black tea…or enjoy over ice cream for what we’re calling an “old fashioned cow”. You won’t regret stocking this mixer. Your customers will thank you. Offered in glass bottles with metal caps. Each bottle makes 24+ drinks. Shelf life: 12 months. The best-by date is printed on each bottle.


Water, Cane Sugar, Brown Sugar, Gentian root extract (alcohol, water, gentian root), orange extract (alcohol. water, orange oil), (alcohol, natural flavors), cloves extract (alcohol, natural flavors), citric acid