About Wallace Dry Goods

It’s time to reimagine cocktail hour. Skip the booze. Keep the ambience.

At Wallace Dry Goods, we provide the sophisticated flavors, elevated atmosphere, and laidback enjoyment of social drinking — without the pressure, expectations, or hangover of alcohol. We’ll raise a glass to that.

We pass bottles, not judgment

Leave your “why” at the door. Whether you’re dry for today or all of your tomorrows, your reasons are yours to own. No explanations necessary.

Rooted in community

We provide a collaborative space for bartenders, restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, and the general public to sip, play, and mingle. It’s just as much about supporting local business as it is about providing a refreshingly unexpected experience.

Above all, we aim to create a sense of belonging. All are welcome here and everyone is treated like a life-long friend. We hope with time, you’ll become one. 

Brush up on your beverages

The non-alcoholic world stretches far and wide. We created the Libation Library to help you sort through it all — from Aperitif to Zero-proof.