Almave Ámbar Non-Alcoholic Blue Agave Spirit


Almave Ámbar is the perfect choice for those who appreciate depth and complexity.

Adapting time-honored tequila making traditions, Almave is the first premium non-alcoholic Blue Agave spirit made in Jalisco, Mexico that does not compromise on taste or quality.

With Iván Saldaña's expertise and Lewis Hamilton's passion for greatness, we blended tradition and innovation to create a revolutionary product.

The result?

A Blue Agave Spirit from the highlands of Jalisco expressed without alcohol.

First, Almave’s agave piñas are harvested, cooked, and crushed. Then, instead of fermentation, it is distilled several times to concentrate and capture the complexity, delicate aromas, and flavors of authentic tequila.

True to the land, true to the plant, true to our decades of tequila-making experience.

This is Almave. The soul of Blue Agave — beyond proof.

Toast to any occasion, or put your mixology skills to use without compromise.


Deep amber hue


Rich and complex with notes of cooked agave, such as caramel and vanilla


Notes of brown sugar, toasted wood and allspice with subtle hints of cacao. Balanced with agave, acidity, subtle sharpness and a touch of bitterness.


Sip neat or over a large ice cube, or in an Ámbar Old Fashioned.