Roots Divino

Roots Divino Rosso Non Alcoholic Vermouth


Going back to the roots of ancient herbal remedies, we rediscover bitter orange, gentian & wormwood in a bittersweet contemporary “rosso"" aperitif from Greece.

Made in Greece on the greek island of Lesvos in the Aegean sea, with high quality greek ingredients Roots Divino Rosso has sophisticated flavors and aromas of bitter orange, gentian & wormwood. Made with the highest quality and natural ingredients from the Aegean sea ROOTS DIVINO are non-alcoholic aperitifs based on wine (di vino). The halo shape on the label symbolizes the “divine” effect of enjoying a drinking occasion without the alcohol.

Enjoy on ice with tonic & an orange slice, in a non alcoholic spritz.

The only wine-based zero proof aperitif | Handcrafted with greek bitter oranges and wormwood

Low Cal | Made in Greece | 23.7fl oz (700ml)